A Short Recap of the Triathlon Situation: 2013, 2014 and Today


I changed jobs – changed companies actually. Big life changes are difficult to manage, and it was no different for me. My half ironman training fell away and I executed a poor race in Mallorca in 2013 which displayed all the sort cuts I’d taken in training.

I took time off triathlon and went back to running. I would run another marathon, and I would achieve a sub-three hour time. Instead, I developed a mystery injury in my right achilles. I took time off everything.


From no triathlon clubs in Amsterdam when I arrived two years ago, I now had two. I joined some people I’d met in a cycling club to form ATAC – Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling Club. A the same time, I connected with some triathletes at work, and Team Nike Tri was born. Nearly every session I did in 2014 was with those groups – or individuals from those groups.

My races were also with friends: Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil was raced with my boyfriend and a good friend from ATAC. I didn’t see my boyfriend on the course, but my friend and I went back and forth a couple of times, which gave me a sense of solidarity on course. Challenge Almere was raced with TNT athletes. Again I crossed paths with a couple of the gang, and spent the rest of the time trying to catch some of the boys – or stay in front of the others!

In addition, I had the honor of captaining a team of colleagues on the Hood to Coast – a 320km running relay from Mount Hood to Seaside in Oregon. Forty hours in which we all ran three legs of 10-12km, without sleep.


Along the way of 2014, I made some amazing friends. Many of them race full distance ironman, and I realized there will be no better opportunity for me to do a full distance. I have people to train with from both of my teams, and people to race with also: I will do Mallorc 70.3 with the buys from TNT, and Challenge Roth with two girls who have become close friends from ATAC.

Triathlon and running. At be invidious sports, but it’s through my teams that I’ve found the motivation to race a full distance race – and enough joy to train for that 180km bike leg … or, at least, people to keep me company 🙂

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